NASCAR as well as F1 are only few of the top racing competitions that easily amass millions of profits and have millions of fans worldwide. But especially, Motorsport is a sport oftentimes for it is not just focused on motor racing but also, there’s aerial competitions or MotoGP and a lot more.

In the event that you have likings to place bets in these types of events, then you better know what kind of event you should be betting on. At the same time, learn how you can make the most of your opportunity. To get this done, it is wise to read the next points below.

Direct Bets

Direct bets in F1 and several motorsports events are where you are betting on individual drivers who’ll win the tourney in advance before the actual start of the competition.

Complicated Bet

Such bet is somehow harder for you ought to bet that the driver is going to win most throughout the season in different championship.

This will be decided based on the number of points accumulated by all participants in the race. Of course, the driver who has the more points, win.

This is kind of difficult for there are several races throughout the season and driver points can easily change at the end of each race.