Age is only a number for those who want to be engaged in club-level motorsports and there are lots of cost-effective and friendly series that are welcoming newcomers. This is great regardless if you are rallying, motorcycle racing or has interest in single-seater racing.

Your Motorsport Journey Starts Now

Still, it could be difficult to enter motorsport world for first-timers but, for those who are enthusiastic to be in one, there are basics that you must be mindful about before starting out in club racing.

One of the best ways of getting the feel for driving on circuit is by participating in trackday if you have not tried it yet. At roughly 170 dollars, trackdays provide a wonderful opportunity to get used to the circuit. Also, it is a cheap way of ensuring that motorsport is something that you want to be involved in before you progress to the more expensive stages.

Novice-only trackdays are perfect as well with limited cars on the track as well as expert instructors on hand to provide valuable advice and give clarity to whatever it is that concerns you.

Invest in the Right Protection

For trackdays, it isn’t mandatory to use helmets that meet stringent safety specification. On the other hand, it’s still recommended to have the best protection for your head, particularly if you are planning to use it for future races.