There are so many elements that are affecting the outcome of a race such as:

  • Type of cars
  • Teams competing and;
  • The weather

The track where these machines race is the denominator of the result; because the track’s surface, shape and elevation are playing an integral role on how the race would turn out. There are several main aspects that recur from one race style to the other and that is what we will look briefly in the next lines.


This is what it exactly sounds like. Straightaway is what the name suggest.

This piece of track is designed to allow drivers push the speed limit of their vehicles. It is seen in every racing style. Straightaway is normally where the start and the finish line is located.


This refers to the degree of race surface. Banking is pretty common in all kinds of racing. The higher the banking, the more the machines could stick to the surface because of its downforce. On the other hand, it isn’t always necessary to race at high speeds.


It’s different from turns. Sweepers are long, large and gradual and usually seen at NASCAR superspeedways and at times, on big road courses.