ECS Hill-X Classes

Pro Division Classes 
• Pro Mod Unlimited Traction - up to 154" track length
• Pro Mod 800cc Traction
• Pro Stock 800cc Traction
• Pro Stock 600cc Traction
• Pro Women-Stock 800cc liquid Traction
• Pro Women-Stock 600cc liquid Traction
Pro Class Entry Fee: $40.00/class/day
Ages: 16 and up
If you race in Pro Division, you cannot race in Trail classes.
Purse structure to be determined.
Trail Division Classes 
• Trail Open 800cc liquid cooled or -1050cc 4 stroke,
   up to 154" track length (ages 16 and up)
• Trail Open 800cc Traction (ages 15 and up)
• Trail Stock 800cc Traction (ages 15 and up)
• Trail Stock 800cc Non Traction (ages 15 and up)
• Trail Stock Fan – 600cc Fan cooled, Traction (ages 14 and up)
• Trail Stock - 500-600cc liquid cooled, Traction (ages 14 and up)
• Trail Stock - 380cc-440cc liquid cooled, Traction (ages 14 and up)
• Womens Trail – 600cc liquid cooled, Traction (ages 14 and up)
• Womens Trail - 800cc Traction (ages 15 and up)
• Womens Trail Open - over 800cc traction (ages 15 and up)
Trail Class Entry Fee:

Non-Traction classes cannot run with studs or carbides.

Ditch Banger Division 
Ditch Banger - Any production consumer trail snowmobile year 2003 or older,
open displacement. No purpose-built race sleds allowed (ages 16 and up)
Ditch Banger Class Entry Fee:
Junior Division Classes 
• Junior Girl/Boy, Ages 10-13 550 fan cooled, Traction.
• Junior Girl/Boy, Ages 10-13 380-500 liquid cooled, Traction.
• Junior Girl/Boy, Ages 8-10 500/600 50% Throttle limiter
   with CDI 300 box, Non-Traction.
• Junior Girl/Boy, Ages 8-10 300 Freestyle, Non-Traction
Junior Class Entry Fee:

Non-Traction classes cannot run with studs or carbides.

120cc Division Classes 
• 120 Stock/Improved ages (4-9)
• 120 Champ ages (6-10)
120cc Class Entry Fee:

• All Racers ages 17 & under must submit completed Jr. Racer Packet

• All Racers will need $25 insurance (good for weekend) Crew members who enter cleanout area will also need $25 weekend insurance as well. Insurance available in ECS office trailer.

• Minimum of three entries per class to contest the class.

• No studs on outside edge of track. (see ECS rule-book for stud rules )

• Trail studs only no chisels.


Hillcross Competition Rules

Please click on the following link to view the ISR Hillcross Competition Rules that will be followed this season. Make note that the Classes and Divisions listed on page 10 of the Hillcross rules will vary from the classes and divisions we offer this season. The complete class and division listing will be posted here shortly once they have been finalized.

Link to: Hillcross Rules PDF



ECS Hillcross Opens Door to More Sled Competition

Clarksburg, MA - East Coast Snocross is pleased to announce the addition of a limited Hillcross (Hill-X) event schedule to the 2014-2015 racing season. Hill-X opens the door to many snowmobile performance enthusiasts whose budget or time constraints prevent participation in the snocross racing series. Three, two-day Hill-X events are planned for the upcoming racing season which kicks off at Granite Gorge in Keene, New Hampshire on December 6 & 7.



ECS/Philbrick Team Up for 120 Sled Rental Program

120 Rentals for 2014-15

The strength of snocross racing starts with our "little leaguers," the 120cc racers. Just as Little League baseball and Pop Warner football programs develop youngsters for higher levels of play in the respective sports, so does our 120cc racing program. This new rental program is an affordable way to introduce your little ones to the exciting sport of snocross, without the committment of funds needed to acquire all the necessary gear for a safe and competitive effort. Click on the link below for a printable PDF document detailing the program.

120 Rental Flyer


2014-15 ISR Helmet Rules Updated

SUBJECT: Snocross Helmets and Jackets/Pullovers/Jerseys

Full coverage helmets are mandatory. Helmets will be full protective coverage and carry the 2010 Snell Foundation Approval Code. Helmets carrying European Standard ECE 22.05 are also approved. This is also mandatory in the tune-up area. The helmet must be securely fastened at all times. These take affect September 1st, 2014

The helmet must be predominantly blaze or international orange in color. More than 50% of its entire outer surface including the visor must be orange. There is a mandatory 6" x 6" area located lower center in the middle of the back of the helmet that must be solid Orange. A template measuring 2 inches by 3 inches placed anywhere on the helmet must contact orange color except on a 4" X 6" area on the left and right hand side of the helmet.

On a typical snocross helmet there should be at least 144 square inches (12 X 12 inches) of orange.

Read more: 2014-15 ISR Helmet Rules Updated


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